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How to work at home with Amazon Kindle

Amazon.com is one of the top sites on the entire internet (its the 6th most popular website in the world). It is also the world’s largest bookstore – and the largest online shopping site, with millions of customers on Amazon.com every day.

“Kindle” books are digital versions of books (eBooks) available at Amazon.com.

Most major publishers today publish their books in Kindle format since digital books have really grown in popularity.  Today many people prefer to read books in digital format on their phones, tablets, computers or e-readers. Amazon makes their own brand of e-reading device, called the Kindle, but its not necessary to have a Kindle device to read Kindle books (as we mentioned, you can easily read Kindle books on your computer, tablet, phone, etc).

A few years ago, Amazon did something that revolutionized the world of book publishing – they made it possible for anyone to easily publish a Kindle book and sell it on Amazon.com.

Previously, only established publishing houses could publish their books on Kindle and sell them on Amazon.

Now anyone can publish a Kindle book and sell it on Amazon.  Anyone.  That includes you.

Just stop and think about what this means for a moment.

If you think you have a book in you, or if you enjoy writing, you can:

  • Write a book
  • Upload it to Amazon Kindle
  • Sell it on Amazon — the world’s largest bookseller, the largest e-commerce store in the world, the 6th most popular site on the internet, with millions of customers per day.

Thanks to Amazon.com, self published books (especially digital or “e-books”) have become a booming business, and ordinary people all around the world are turning themselves into published writers and making a nice income letting Amazon.com sell their books for them.

In fact, there are endless examples of people who are earning $5,000 a month, $20,000 a month, all the way into the six figures per month (yes really!) selling their Kindle books on Amazon.

Now of course, those are extremely impressive income figures, and while its clearly very possible because a lot of people are doing it, this certainly isn’t to say that you would earn $100,000 a month, or even $20,000 a month publishing books on Amazon Kindle. Some people very definitely do, and so its possible you could, but around here we like to keep expectations very realistic.

So let’s just set those types of expectations aside and focus on something much more attainable….

Its very, very doable to earn a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars a month publishing books on Amazon Kindle.

We ourselves earn good monthly income with books on Amazon Kindle, and we know of quite a number of other “ordinary” people who do much better than we do (full time incomes just with Amazon Kindle books alone!).

We also personally know of  some people who are just making several hundreds of dollars of “extra income” per month with Amazon Kindle books as a “hobby business”, as well as others making a few thousand to several thousand dollars a month, approaching it more seriously.

You Don’t Have to Write the Books Yourself

What’s very interesting is that there are many people earning some very good income publishing Amazon Kindle books who actually don’t write the books themselves.

These are people who really don’t have an interest in writing, or don’t feel they can write well, so they hire other people who love to write, and get them to write the books for them.  Of course, they pay the writer for the book, and then they simply publish the book to Kindle, and earn income through book sales on Amazon.com

By hiring people who simply love to write – not people who are writers by trade – they are able to have books written for them very inexpensively. The writers are happy to be able to do what they love and actually get paid for it, so its win-win for everyone. So the bottom line is, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, or have no interest in writing, this is still a very viable work at home opportunity for you.  Keep reading to learn more about how its done.

There is No Cost to Publish and Sell Kindle Books on Amazon

What makes Amazon Kindle Publishing such an powerful and unique opportunity for people who want to work from home is that it requires no money to do this.  That’s one of the things we really, really LOVE about Amazon Kindle publishing – there is no cost barrier.

Amazon Kindle Publishing is a work from home business opportunity that you can start almost immediately, and if you do the writing yourself, it doesn’t cost you anything. Its a business you can start with zero investment.  (Even if you hire someone to do the writing, it doesn’t cost much to have a short book written if you know where to go to hire Kindle writers – Stefan Pylarinos can help you with that. More on that later in this lesson).

The Amazon Kindle opportunity is almost mind boggling when you really think about it…

You can write short books and have them sold on Amazon.com, the largest book seller in the world… the #1 online store in the world… the 6th largest site on the internet… and it doesn’t cost you anything to get started.

Amazon does not charge you to put your books into their store or to publish them on Kindle!  There are few opportunities as amazing as this.

Short Books Do Well on Amazon Kindle (Under 100 Pages)

And notice we said you can write “short books”.  This is important.  Kindle books do not have to be long.  Short books are extremely popular on Kindle. In fact, some of the best selling Kindle books are 100 pages or under (60 – 80 pages).

Could you write a book of just 60 – 80 pages about something you are very knowledgeable about, or something you are very good at?  Perhaps about some experience you have had that could help others?

Or do you have a romance novel in you? (Again, short “novelettes” are very popular for Kindle, and romance is one of the top selling Kindle book categories!).

“Passive Income”

Here’s something you also need to consider about the Amazon Kindle opportunity – this is something else that makes this opportunity really extraordinary:

Once you’ve written and published a book to Amazon Kindle, the income you earn from then on is “passive”.

That means, once the books is published, it has the potential to keep earning you income month after month all on its own with no additional effort or investment of time from you (or at most, very little).

So while you go forward and do other things with your time (writing more books is a good idea!), the books you have already published keep making you money well into the future, essentially on “auto-pilot”.

This is where some people really harness the power of Amazon.com and Kindle publishing to build really excellent full time incomes and live the ‘work-at-home-lifestyle’… they don’t stop at one book.

Each month they put out another book (some people publish a few books a month – remember, they can be short books, and you can even hire other people to write them inexpensively).

If you take this approach, each month the number of books you have on Amazon continues to grow, with each book contributing to your overall income.

So once you have been at this for several months, and certainly by a year into it, as you can imagine, there is the potential to be earning a very decent full-time income.

And you do it all from the comfort of your home.

What Could You Write a Book About?

Think about your favorite hobbies, pass-times, passions and interests.  Think about what you are good at.  Is there something people turn to you for help with?  Do you love to cook or bake (think cookbooks).  Did you lose a lot of weight, and could you tell others how you did it?  Have you been through a personal struggle – could you help others by sharing advice on how you survived it?  Are you a great mom – maybe even a single mom?  Could you give advice on raising kids? Are you good at crafts – how about a book showing how to do your favorite projects?

There are SO many ideas. Just brainstorm!

The key to doing well with Amazon Kindle publishing is:

  1. Write on topics people are interested in (this will ensure there are lots of buyers for your books!)
  2. Make sure your books help readers or give them what they were looking for (this will ensure they buy more of your new books in the future).
  3. Publish books regularly to keep increasing your income (the more books you have available, the more income you will earn. As your book list grows, your income grows!)
  4. Follow a tested and proven system or formula to ensure your books will sell (learn from someone who is already very successful, and willing to teach you their methods)

Follow a Guaranteed, Proven Step By Step Process

If you are interested in publishing Kindle books on Amazon, there is an excellent and very inexpensive course that teaches absolutely everything you need to know to be successful as an Amazon Kindle publisher.  Many people who are earning full time incomes as Amazon Kindle publishers credit the “K Money Mastery” course by Stephan Pylarinos with their success (the “K” stands for “Kindle”, of course.).

Stephan Pylarinos is from Vancouver, Canada. He shares the exact formula he uses to make over $100,000 a year, working from home, publishing books on Amazon Kindle. Yes, he earns a six-figure income with Kindle books alone. Stephan is definitely the man to learn from if you want to get into Kindle publishing.

If you think you could have a book in you, “K Money Mastery” could be life changing. The course is so inexpensive (and comes with a money back guarantee) so you have nothing to lose. It will cost you less that what you probably spend on coffee in a month.

Stephan literally teaches everything there is to knowto be successful as a Kindle Publisher on Amazon – including where to get writers who will happily write books for you very inexpensively if you aren’t into writing yourself.

We at Work At Home Divas have personally purchased Stephan’s course and can attest that it is excellent – and yes, we do write and sell books on Amazon Kindle – and earn income every month doing it!

We received so much valuable guidance and “insider’s secrets” from Stefan’s course and we highly recommend it if you are interested in the unique opportunity that Amazon and Kindle currently offer to people who want to work from home publishing books on Amazon.

Click the image below for K Money Mastery:

Click Here!If you have questions about this lesson, please submit your question as a comment below and we’ll be happy to help.  Or you can contact us directly through our contact form.

Learn How to Work at Home – Lesson 1

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