Six Figures a Year With a Resume Writing Service?


Would you ever imagine it would be possible to pull in six figures per year working from home writing resumes? We were a little surprised at this ourselves, but it appears there is indeed a strong enough market for the services of professional resume writers to make this a very viable business to run from home.

If you are like most people interested in working from home and looking for ideas on home based businesses, “resume writing” was probably not at the top of your idea list. At first thought, it seems like the kind of service you might earn a few extra dollars here and there from, but build a full-fledged income and business? While you may not expect it, the fact is that when done right, it is indeed very possible to make a lucrative business out of a resume writing service.

In fact, if you’re good at writing and have word processing skills, starting a resume business could prove to be a very smart move towards working independently, living the work-at-home lifestyle, and earning a very good income. And yes, some people do indeed earn six figures working at home with their own resume writing business. Now of course, that doesn’t guarantee that anyone going into this will pull in that kind of cash, but knowing that it is possible tells us that there’s some good money to be made. Earn just half that amount and that’s a $50,000 a year income, working from home. And keep in mind that earnings also have a lot to do with how much time you are willing to put into your business, how closely you follow the strategies used by top performers, and so forth.

But with that said, a resume writing business is actually a pretty smart idea because there is continuously an abundance of people at any given time who are in need of a resume. People are constantly changing jobs, making career moves, and shopping themselves around in the quest for salary increases. With the right marketing, you can help the consumer understand, how a resume prepared by a professional resume service can make the difference between getting that new position or not. Imagine how much that is worth to a job seeker, especially in some very highly paid professions.

Here’s an eye-opener for you. When you first get started in the resume writing field, you can expect to earn about $45 per hour. That’s not bad, especially considering you get to work from home and be your own boss. But here’s where it get’s really interesting; once you get a resume writing business established and develop some good word of mouth and a reputation among well paid professionals, it is not uncommon for clients to invest anywhere from $500 to $800 for a resume and cover letter, and a few hundred more when opting for personal branding (which you include among your services), resume submission, and other add-on services you can offer.

You may be thinking, “I can’t believe people pay that much for a mere resume and cover letter”. But the fact is that professional resume writers can deliver real value that ultimately increases the probability of securing a position, and can translate into a higher salary for your clients.

“My clients have gone on to secure jobs making tens of thousands more in salary, making the mere investment they made a “drop in the bucket” when compared to the hefty increase in salary they will receive over their careers”, says Teena Resse, the developer of a course for people who want to learn tested and proven methods for starting a successful and lucrative resume writing service. Reese has been running a profitable resume writing service from her home for nearly two decades and earns six figures per year with her service.

She goes on to say, “When starting my business in 1999, there wasn’t much available on the subject of starting a resume business. I read one or two resources; but truth be told, I found myself learning more by ‘running from the seat of my pants’.”

Through trial and error, over a long period of time, she fine tuned her techniques for attracting clients, setting fees, marketing and so on. She came to understand why people pay big dollars to have resumes written for them, how to attract those types of people as clients, and exactly how to write the types of resumes that clients are willing to pay that kind of money for. Over time she also discovered the types of complimentary add-on services she could offer her clients which increase her billings many-fold.

Reese now shares all of her knowledge, methods and expertise in a book (although its so thorough and intensive, its more like a course than a mere book) she has written to teach others how to do exactly what she did in building a lucrative resume writing business.

Says Reese, “Priced at only $49.95, the book pays for itself with its marketing tips, “frugality chapter” and sample market plan, press release, business plan, customer contract and everything one needs to get started”. The book also offers detailed instruction on pricing, client management, advertising and contracts all provided. Reese also offers personalized coaching to people who buy the book.

For more information about starting a resume writing business of your own, and details on Reese’s start-up guide, visit

If you are more interested in using your writing skills to be a self published author, you can learn how to do that very successfully with a program that will show you step by step. (People who have used the methods taught in that course are earning full time incomes, working from home, publishing books to Amazon Kindle!

Six Figures a Year With a Resume Writing Service?

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